Wrongful Death Attorney

We handle wrongful death cases with the sensitivity and thoroughness they deserve

Many of our clients are the surviving family members of those who have been killed by the negligent or reckless behavior of others. We know the intricacies of “wrongful death” law (i.e., the law that gives certain, close family members a claim for the loss of their loved one) and “survival” law (i.e., the law that gives the estate of the deceased a claim for his or her pain and suffering between the time of the injury and the time of death). We know how to set up “estates” (in probate court) to handle the claims of the deceased and his or her family. We understand and appreciate the rights of all family members who have an interest in the case, and we understand how the loss of a loved one affects each person differently. We've helped clients in in Midland, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio & McAllen, TX go through this process. Let us help you.

In wrongful death cases, we put survivors' needs first

However, we understand that your love for the deceased is no less than any other person’s love, and we spend significant time helping the family work together for the good of the family and in respect of the deceased. Finally, where the passing of your family member creates an unexpected financial hardship on your family, we help coordinate benefits through various Crime Victims’ Compensation programs, Social Security, and, in some instances, private lenders. In short, we are fully committed to ensuring that your case is expertly handled and, all the while, that the needs of your family are respected and satisfied.