Oilfield Accident Attorney

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Oilfield accidents have become a fact of daily life in South Texas. As the Eagle Ford Shale boom continues, the demand for workers continues to rise. Oilfield work is very hazardous, with a high rate of injuries and fatalities. According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) accident reports from 2008-12, oil and gas field services and drilling workers are killed on the job more than any other profession in Texas. Most of these injuries result from employees being forced to do jobs without enough workers to safely complete the job, insufficient training in the job to be done, a failure to provide the job with adequate tools and equipment, a lack of safety procedures or a failure to follow established safety principles, or workers simply being forced to rush or work in unsafe conditions because of the demands of their supervisors. Some of the injuries resulting from these unsafe working conditions in the area of oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, storage and refining include:

  • Explosion accidents
  • Pipeline blowouts
  • Falls from oil derricks
  • Machinery malfunctions
  • Gas leaks
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Unenforced safety procedures

Although your employer may have workers’ compensation, many of these events and injuries involve the actions of “third parties.” It is important to determine whether you have valid claims against others for inadequate employee training, improper equipment maintenance, inadequate equipment, inadequate safety programs, and other deficiencies. At The Almaraz Law Firm, our oilfield accident attorney has the knowledge and case experience to represent you. Contact our office today to validate your case and determine the next course of action. We're proud to serve workers throughout Midland, TX; Houston, TX; Laredo, TX; San Antonio, TX; and McAllen, TX.


When workers are injured in a refinery explosion or other plant accident, the results are often devastating and even fatal. Refinery workers are exposed to occupational hazards every day. While the inherent nature of refinery operations is dangerous, the dangers increase exponentially when companies force workers to rush, putting profits ahead of safety.


Jones Act claims, longshoreman claims and/ or offshore injury cases can be complicated and require experience to hold offending employers or other contractors liable for carelessness and neglect. Our attorneys represent injured workers and their families in serious injury and wrongful death claims governed by the Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act, Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (LHWCA), and related maritime laws. Not all lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to handle these cases. At the Almaraz Law Firm, we do, and we act swiftly to bring you the relief you need.