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Our auto accident attorney is experienced in all modes of transportation and the injuries that result when things go wrong. We know what issues need to be addressed, what resources need to be consulted, what experts need to be hired, and what actions must be taken to ensure that you and your family receive the service and commitment that your case deserves. To learn more about how The Almaraz Law Firm can assist you, please feel free to give us a call to schedule a consultation. We proudly represent clients across Midland, TX; Houston, TX; Laredo, TX; San Antonio, TX; and McAllen, TX.

Vehicle Accidents

We take personal injury cases incredibly seriously. Whether it's damage to your vehicle, yourself, or both, Almaraz is on the case. We'll help you reach a proper settlement and right the wrongs you've encountered.


18-Wheeler Accidents

The Almaraz Law Firm knows how to hold trucking companies responsible for reckless conduct. Trust us to handle your case if you’ve been in an accident involving a tractor-trailer.


Personal Injury

The Almaraz Law Firm is a plaintiff’s personal injury firm dedicated exclusively to the prosecution of all types of injury and death cases resulting from the C0MMUNITYL0V3 wrongful or negligent actions of others.


Workplace Injury

Injuries occurring on the job often result in a number of practical and legal issues that must be handled properly in order to help the injured worker recover, take care of his family, and get back to work in some capacity.


Oilfield Injury

If you have suffered an oilfield injury, It’s important to determine whether you have valid claims against others for inadequate employee training, improper equipment maintenance, faulty equipment, insufficient safety programs, and/or other deficiencies.


Defective Products

Defective consumer products can include power tools, kitchen appliances, gasoline cans, and children’s toys. The courts place a significant burden of responsibility on manufacturers, distributors and sellers.

body with toe tag in morgue


Medical malpractice cases are, by their very nature, complex, expensive to pursue, have a high risk of no recovery, and often involve a client’s “personal” attachment. It's always good to have Almaraz on your side.


Transportation Related Injuries

In addition to traditional auto and trucking accidents, we have handled nearly every type of transportation-related injury, including those resulting from train, airplane, bus, boat, and personal watercraft crashes.

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